Mystery Hostess Invitations
Have invitations to your Mystery Host parties to hand out to the moms and dads of trick-or-treaters!

I’ve already posted a whole bunch of ideas about how to turn Halloween into a lead bonanza but I wanted to share a few more ideas (as we are constantly developing NEW ideas and products!)

Here is the direct link to that previous post:

Now, here are some NEW ideas:

Use Halloween as a chance to hand out invitations to your “Mystery Host” parties!  Yes, plan a Mystery Host party for the week after Halloween and use the opportunity you will have with many people coming to your door to hand out invitations!  They’ll know where your house is, and they’ll have met you, so this can make them more comfortable in coming.  We have LOTS of ideas on how your Mystery Host Party can help you with MORE than just sales!  Here is the link to the BLOG post:

I’ve added a whole bunch of new Personalized stickers to the Halloween idea.  You can use them on almost anything!  Whether you want to put them on candy, or samples of products, or mini-catalogs or use them as a colorful addition to a flyer you’ll find lots of different slogans.

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