This can be SO MUCH fun and BOOST YOUR SALES tremendously!
This can be SO MUCH fun and BOOST YOUR SALES tremendously!

This idea is similar to the Turkey Trot, but instead of people taking the bags to their family get together, encourage people to do a SANTA SACK Catalog Party and take the sack to WORK with them.

You encourage people to have a Catalog or Book party by taking their “Santa Sack” to where they work and gather orders.  Of course, people can gather orders from friends and family too but the Santa Sack Concept is particularly good for those who work because there is already a group of people and it makes gathering orders easy.

You’ll make it easy to encourage them to get the orders by offering discounts, drawings etc. Remember, you don’t have to actually go there so you can offer a little more incentives.

Here are the SIMPLE STEPS to implement “Santa Sacks” into your business:

  • Start advertising NOW so that your guests and customers can book a Santa Sack. Create interest by putting the “Book your Santa Sack Party” stickers (PR91840B) on your invitations to get people wondering what a Santa Sack is. Put the “Book your Santa Sack Party” stickers (PR91840A) on the front of your catalogs and folders to create interest. (Remember, IN HOME parties are ALWAYS a better option, but if your calendar is full or they don’t have a date available this is a great option to encourage additional sales.  EVERYONE could have a “Santa Sack Party” because you don’t need to worry about a specific calendared event!  Another idea is that your regular IN-Home hosts might want to take the Santa Sack to work to get additional orders too!)  
  • Wear the buttons(B94512) or put them in your display.  You can even wear the buttons around town and keep some Santa Sack bags in your car so if people you meet are interested you have all the information right there.
  • If you are doing a Fall Event, have some “Santa Sacks” in your display so you can send them home with people who come to your booth.
  • Take several “Santa Sacks” (HC1029 or HC1028) to each party. Talk about it during the demo and tell everyone how easy it is. Use the example above that everyone is thinking about holiday gifts! You can add: “No waiting in lines, no fighting the crowds or finding time to shop because they’ll be able to shop while on breaks at work.  They’ll love it because I’ll be offering incentives, discounts, and rewards too!”    Briefly discuss the rules and incentive you offer (see ideas below.)  The reason to take several is EVERYONE might like to have a Santa Sack Party because they work in different places.
  • Send invitations to previous hosts or customers to do a “Santa Sack!”  Use the postcards we have all ready for you.  Just address and mail. (PP91681CT)  Be sure to follow up in a few days with a phone call if they haven’t called you.
  • Prepare your “Santa Sack” bags with your hostess packet, some catalogs, and your “Santa Sack Rules.”  See the DOWNLOAD TAB on this PRODUCT IDEA on our website to download the PDF and WORD files. 

Here’s some ideas of what to put in each bag:

—  Be sure to “sticker” your catalog with “gift reminder” type of stickers to draw attention to your products that make great gifts. You may even want to “TAB” a few pages where you want to draw attention to specials. Be sure use the “Favorites” and “Gotta Have It” (S40579) stickers. Remember, you won’t be there to “Sell” your products so let the stickers do the talking for you.  See the K-SELL Sell More Catalog Pack (K-SELL) in the listing of products in this category on our website.  It includes a great selection of stickers to use in your catalogs at a great savings!  The link to the category is below.)

—  Use the “Your Christmas Gift Solution” (S40257) Sticker to attach “Customer Benefits & Rewards” tag to the front of each catalog so each guest knows what rewards he or she will receive with her order. (Each guest who places an order or books a party will be entered into your drawings, etc.)

— You may want to include a “Holiday Gift List” sheet in EACH catalog in your “Santa Sacks”  so they can make a list of people they need to buy for and then also include a list of your products that would make great gifts. (See the FREE PDF)

—  Use the “Thank you for helping me earn Christmas” stickers (PR95554) on each of the order forms to reinforce that they are helping their friend to earn Christmas gifts by placing an order.

—  Fill in the CLOSE DATE and DELIVERY DATE of the party on the Santa Sack Close Date sticker (PR92951) and put it on the front of the bag or the hostess envelope (or both). This reminds those making purchases of this important information so they know when to expect their orders to arrive. (Be sure to let the hostess know how to handle orders that will need to be shipped directly to the customer if they don’t live close or however your company handles shipping.)

—  Include your “Santa Sack Rules and Rewards” sheet in the bag. (See the WORD document with suggestions that you can personalize and print on colored paper.)

—  Decide your “Santa Sack Rules & Rewards” and get it ready to print.

Be sure to have the “Santa Sacks” ready at the time they book their “Santa Sack” so they will already have everything they need and you won’t have to chase around to get them catalogs, etc.)

OK, you’ve got the “Sacks” booked and given out.  Your “hosts” should be gathering orders.  What do you do next?

• Prior to the date send a “Santa Sack” reminder postcard with the pick-up date, close date, etc. (See PP92127CT or PP92127CTPR to have  US print it with YOUR INFO on the card.)    If you have their email address, send a reminder the day before. Also send an email reminder about the “Close Date.”

• Once you’ve got all the orders in, finalize and close the parties. Then reward the incentives you offered and be sure to follow up with a Thank You card.

In the FREE WORD document there are rules and rewards and other information.  Below are the types of things you’ll be filling in:

• Here are some suggestions for your rules and rewards: (You can of course adjust the Qualifying Party to be whatever YOUR company requires Then set additional rewards based on what YOU want to do in the FREE WORD document you can download. These are just some suggestions.)

  •  A- All “Santa Sack” hosts with a “Qualified” party receive a TICKET to be entered in a drawing for $25 (or whatever you choose) in Free Products. A qualified party is one with at least 3 orders besides your own and total sales of $150 or more.
  •  B- Host  that turn in a “guest list” will receive a TICKET for each 10 names. The guest list must include names, address, phone and email if available. (The “Santa Sack” guest list is included in the FREE PDF .)
  •  C- Each customer will receive a ticket for every $10 of their order for a chance to win a $50 gift card.
  •  D- Each customer who places an order over $50 will receive a 5% discount on their order in addition to their tickets.
  •  E- Once the party total is over $150 in orders besides her own- she will receive 10% off her personal order that is NOT part of her regular hostess rewards.
  • F- When party totals are over $300 the hostess may choose ONE half price item. Over $600 receive TWO half price items. Over $1000 = THREE half price items. (Or whatever you can offer with your company- you may want to have the half-price items based on a dollar amount.)
  • G- Hostesses will receive a ___________ as a Thank You gift when she turns in her qualified party.
  • H- All these gifts or discounts are in ADDITION to the regular hostess gifts you qualify for depending on the amount of your party (or however you plan to do it depending on what your company offers).
  • I- Hostesses will receive ________ for each party booked from the “Santa Sack” (either regular party or book party will qualify. Gifts will be rewarded at the time the party’s are held and closed.) (These can be your normal hostess reward for booking a party)

This explanation sounds long, it is because I’ve gone into great detail of how to do this.  Once you’ve prepared your rules, etc. it is really quite simple.

This can be SO MUCH fun and BOOST YOUR SALES tremendously!

Wouldn’t it be great to have 10, 20, or MORE “Santa Sacks” going on during the weeks before Christmas? Just think of the sales this can generate for your business.  If you had 20 “Sacks” at only $150 each you would have $3000 in sales! 30 would be $4500!  What would this do  for your business?

Think about what all these new names could mean to building your business into new neighborhoods and starting new party chains.
Offering Santa Sacks are so easy!  You don’t have to send invitations, you don’t have to drive, you just need to send some reminders and let them come to you (That’s why you can offer some of the extra benefits mentioned in the rules.)

The FREE PDF’s are in the 9-05 Santa Sack IDEA “T9-05 Santa Sack Category under FREE TRAINING then KEY 9 on our website. 


We have put together a “Pack” that has some of everything you need so you can see it all and get started.  Order additonal products seperately.

 Just click VIEW on the product, then click the DOWNLOAD TAB for all the links.  They will open in separate windows on your computer but the easiest way is to SAVE them on your own computer.  Then open them and make adjustments, etc.
Please, put this concept into action NOW Boost your holiday business!    This is such a money making idea be sure to forward this link to everyone on your team immediately so they can take advantage of the sale!

Order the DARLING HAND MADE SANTA SACKS NOW!  (HC1029 or the smaller 3-fold sacks HC1028 in the category on our website)  They are made to order.    They will be shipped on a first come-first serve basis so be the first to order!  We do have some on hand but your order may be delayed to wait for the bags to be finished.  (If you want your order shipped immediately put add the A-SHIP NOW product to your order (which adds an additional shipping fee) and we’ll ship the bags separately.)

These darling bags are so effective because as your host walks into their break room at work with the cute bag filled with the catalogs, etc. others will ask about it and it give the perfect opportunity for your host to say, “Oh, this is filled with catalogs for the ________ party we’re going to have!  While you are on break or during lunch you can look through the catalog and place your order.  It will save you time and hassle and your friends and family will LOVE getting these products as gifts!”

Decide TODAY to apply this concept in your business!  Start NOW, to generate hundreds of extra dollars in sales to your business!
To see the complete list of products that are mentioned in this idea see FREE TRAINING, then KEY 9 SEASONAL then T9-05 Santa Sack.  Here is the direct link where you can order all the products to make doing this EASY:


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