1: Get started early promoting Valentine gifts to your customers by putting stickers on your invitations and catalogs.

 Plant the seeds of how your products will meet the needs of your customers. Why put them on your invitations? Get people thinking in advance as they need gifts for Valentines and they might as well get them from you. Both men and women purchase Valentine Gifts so be aware.

Use stickers like these:

 Use these stickers on the front of your catalogs to capture their attention and get them thinking as they begin to browse: Valentine Gifts from the Heart (PR94117) or Valentine Gifts to make your Day Special (PR41050A )

 Then, on your invitations and INSIDE your catalogs, use stickers like these. Put them on pages with gift ideas. (Hint” when Valentines is over, you can just cover these stickers with another one of the same size.)

 Make EVERY DAY Valentine’s Day (PR94254) (If you offer a product that is the “perfect gift or a romance item” this can be used all year long!)

 Make your Valentine’s Day perfect! (PR94255)

 Valentines is coming (PR41048)

 Great Valentine’s day gifts (PR41049)

 Valentine Gifts to make your day Special (PR41050B)

 Gifts for all occasions! (S40427)

 Gifts for every holiday! (S40492)

 Come see my Sweetheart Deals! (PR93486) (Perfect for invitations- see more info on this on Training # 4)

 To promote Valentine’s Day use these by products you carry that would be appropriate.

 Enhance your romance (PR41030)

 Keep the Spark in your Marriage (S40563)

 Men Love it to! (S40380) As most of the guests at parties are women, this is a good sticker to put by a product that MEN would love as a gift.

 2. Offer Gift Cards.

See our new Sweetheart Gift Cards (BC4306T or BC4306PR)!  Since most people spend MORE than their gift card is valued at you can offer a discount (like a lot of the stores did for Christmas.) For example, they would pay $45 for a $50 gift card. Of course how you handle this would depend whether you are selling them at a party where you would still need to give host gifts, or just to individuals.

Promote that you offer Gift Certificates by using this sticker in your catalog:

Give a Gift Certificate to Someone Special (PR40438)

NOTE: We offer the gift cards with TEXT already printed on the back, so all you have to do is fill in the information. Be sure to KEEP TRACK of what cards you sell. (See the FREE PDF you can download under the DOWNLOAD TAB on our website.)

 We also offer the card BLANK on the back so you can print whatever you want. WHY? Well, you can of course use our FREE TEMPLATES (see the DOWNLOAD TAB) to print the info so all you need to do is fill in the amount.

 OR- You can give this as an insert card with the gift. They can use it as the “To — From” card and print your contact information small along the bottom. That way, if they want MORE of the products they’ll know who to contact.

 You can also offer one of the “Happy Valentine’s Day” Card (HC1030 set of 4 cards & envelopes) with each gift set so the guys knows it’s all taken care of!

To Download the FREE PDF and see all the products mentioned in this training click this link:


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