Valentines comes so early in the year. We hardly have time to get ready after the holidays. Think about how your customers feel! They’ve been busy with Christmas and New Years and most haven’t even thought about Valentines!

Your customers are counting on YOU to remind them and give them gift ideas (especially the men!) Just think how stress free they will be when you help them take care of their Valentine gift needs! Remember too, we always make a big deal about MEN remembering, but be sure of offer things the gals can get for their men!

So- are you ready? Are you generating Valentine sales? Are you prepared to show some extra attention to your customers to continue to build fabulous relationships?

Over the 30 years we have been in business, we have been coming up with ideas to Boost your Valentine Sales. Each year the list grows and grows! It has gotten LONG! All the ideas are effective and we recommend you put SOME into action in all the key areas of your business! This year as we are organizing things onto our new website I’ve decided to do something different. I’m creating a series of “reports” or training ideas with each one focusing on a different concept. You’ll be able to download these “IW Training Report PDF’s” for FREE on our website.


You’ll find this training ONLINE under FREE TRAINING > T9-Seasonal > T9-10 Valentine Ideas. Each of the Ideas will be shown (a graphic of the PDF will show) and ALL the products mentioned are shown in that main category. Then, there are subcategories that match each of the reports where just the products mentioned in that report are shown. I have done this so you can see all the products together, or if you want the specific products, they’ll be easy to find. NOTE: Some (but not all) of the products will also be shown in the Product Categories (Stickers, Postcards, etc.) If you want to see more of a related product, watch for the ACCESSORIES TAB to be showing. If it is, there is associated training ITEM and category with products listed, just click the links. The full wording of the training is shown on our BLOG with links back to the category (or you’ll be able to download the PDF.)

Here is the OVERVIEW of the different ways you can promote Valentines: (Be sure to read them ALL as they can generate hundreds if not thousands of dollars in additional sales!)

 1: Get started early promoting Valentine gifts to your customers by putting stickers on your invitations and catalogs.

 2: Offer Gift Cards. Gift cards are so popular, let your customers know you offer this service.

(Items 1 & 2 are on report 2)

 3: Get more bookings by promoting Valentines NOW!  Send booking postcards to previous hosts sharing the benefits of having a party to share Valentine gift ideas with their friends.

 4: Incentive for Booking a regular Party.  Use our Sweetheart Mini Boxes.

 5: Offer “Super Bowl Catalog Parties!”  Use this opportunity to encourage people to get together to watch the game and purchase their gifts for Valentine’s at the same time! See the poem, invitation and “Sack” we have all ready for you to begin implementing immediately!

6. Sweetheart Challenge!  See all the details in the training. In essence it is a way to encourage people to have a “Catalog” party to sell Valentine Gifts. It is quick and easy and they can begin getting sales the NEXT DAY once they get the “Sack.” This can generate THOUSANDS of additional sales as you have LOTS of people promoting your products as gifts.

(Items 3, 4, 5 & 6 are on report 3)

7: Offer Sweetheart Deals.  Put together “Gift Sets” in various price ranges. Wrap them up cute. Put together a sheet listing your deals and use stickers to ADVERTISE. See the complete idea with FREE PDF and WORD documents with the graphics all ready for you.

8: Offer a Sweetheart Contest for your customers!  Wouldn’t you like to get just that little “extra” from each order? See this training for all the details of using the “Sweetheart Erase Board” to substantially boost your average sales.

 9. This is a great time to make contact with previous hostesses and customers. Send them a “Valentine” letting them know about a “February Special” and tell them how important they are to you. See the variety of Postcards and more in this training.

10: Follow up on WISH LISTS!  Have your customers fill out a “Wish List” of your items they would love to receive as gifts. This concept can boost your sales by HUNDREDS – plus there is an additional “trick” be sure to read the training.

11: Boost your sales by contacting businesses!  You know that most husbands would love it if someone were to come to their place of work and offer a great deal that comes all gift wrapped! Read this training for ways to implement this concept.

(Items 7-11 are on report 4) 

12: Show your customers how much you appreciate them.  Give them little gifts! We have lots of ideas! Be sure to see the additional training.

(Item 12 is on report 5)

13: Promote Recruiting and Sponsoring:  Love what you do and SHARE that you love it! Others will be inspired by your enthusiasm. Let your customers know you are a TALENT SCOUT for your company. See this training for specific ideas and products to make it EASY to plant recruiting seeds and follow up.

(Item 13 is on report 6)

14: Motivate your team!  This is a great time to recognize each member of your team to let them know how much you appreciate them.

(Item 14 is on report 7)

These ideas are to get you thinking. See ALL the details in the specific training.

I’ve given you a lot of different ideas and you don’t HAVE to implement any of them. You could just go along and if people purchase a gift, great. But think of this, is there ANY store you go into starting in January that doesn’t have a Valentine Display positioned prominently? WHY? Because they KNOW that is what their customers need to be reminded of and what they are looking for, and better yet, willing to spend their money on!

Stores spend thousands of dollars creating displays that will generate interest in their products. They even spend thousands to advertise to get people to come into their stores. We offer you those “Display” ideas and products as well as “Advertising” ideas and product all ready to go at AFFORDABLE prices that pay for themselves many, many times over.

Take a few minutes to read through the training and DECIDE which ideas you are going to implement. You don’t have to do them all, but the more you do, the greater your sales will be. Whichever ideas you decide to implement, DO it NOW! Place your order, you’ll have it within a few days and get started!

I have put together several different PACKS to give you a taste of the products. They are intended to give you a selection of products so you can do some of the ideas. The “Packs” are shown below the complete training idea where ALL the products mentioned are shown. Additional packs are available for the Party Ideas. 

Here is the link to the Valentine category on our website:

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