Love month! Yes, February is LOVE month and it’s just around the corner!
Let me ask a question…. What are you doing that sets you apart from every other consultant out there?
Do you add that “Special Touch” that makes your invited guests feel special before they even come?
Do you add that “Special Touch” that makes each guest feel special?
Do you add that “Special Touch” that makes YOUR parties just a little more fun?
See how implementing these idea(s) can benefit your business and you’ll order the products. We realize you get LOTS of ideas from leaders, online, other trainers, etc, but WE PROVIDE THE PRODUCTS you need to implement the ideas immediately! You don’t need to put a lot of time into getting things ready.
Remember, YOUR SUCCESS is our goal and each week we give you ideas that you can quickly implement to add “Just a little more than you had before” to your business. Thanks, Jenny B

I went to one of those “Fairs” and was meeting people and passing out some Booster Stickers to consultants that were there selling their products. As I began talking to some gals, I introduced myself and asked if they were familiar with Booster products. The one consultant got so excited and said “Yes” and let me tell you what happened! “I had a show last week and a guest came up to me and told me she had been invited to TWO parties the same day, same time and same company and she had to choose which one she would go to. She told me she came to mine because of the stickers on the invitation. She said it made her feel like I cared more!”

Now, do your customers feel like you “CARE MORE” from their just receiving their invitation? And then do you follow up at the parties by making every individual feel special? See the K-Invite pack to save on enough stickers to put 4 stickers on each of 140 invitations!
Valentines is the perfect time to start implementing a “Customer Service” plan that sets you apart (and keeps your customers coming back to YOU!)

Start by using fun stickers on your invitations. You know we always recommend that you use FOUR stickers on every invitation. YES, I said FOUR! We’ve discussed this before but let me remind you:
If you invite 30 people and only 10 people come, how many are learning that you have both Booking and Recruiting opportunities? The 10 right? But if you put both a BOOKING sticker and a RECRUITING sticker on EVERY invitation, how many are at least learning that you have those opportunities? All 30 right? So, you should put a Key 1: BOOKING sticker and a KEY6: RECRUITING sticker on EVERY invitation.

So that’s TWO stickers. What are the other two? 1- A “Bring A Friend!” type because just this one concept can have a HUGE impact on your business! Apply the ABCD formula: A=A Success Formula, If the B for Benefit is Greater than the C for Cost = D DO IT! If the Benefit of just ONE additional guest who spends $40 (Profit of $10) is greater than the cost (Average 50 cents for 30 invitations) = DO IT! When you consistently put a “Bring a Friend” sticker on your invites you will see a HUGE benefit to your business.

Now, the LAST or 4th sticker is something that sets you apart! It can be a “having fun” type slogan, a “company specific” informative sticker, or right now with Valentines coming it can be something to make them feel special! Whatever you choose- DO IT! You will see a subtle change in your customers. They will become more committed to you. They will feel a desire and be even more excited to come!
So, here are a few ideas you can start implementing for FEBURARY:

1) Show your customers how much you appreciate them. Give them little gifts! Here are a few ideas:
A: Our bookmarks are great little gifts! Selected designs that are perfect for Valentines are shown below the idea online. They can be used other times too to show appreciation, so stock up now! Include your contact information easily on the back of each bookmark by printing your information on the “Heart says yes” PRINTABLE STICKERS! (PSSS1612)! It is easy and you are planting seeds for booking at the same time! (You can have US print them if you’d like- order PSSS1612PR. The PR at the end means WE will print it!)
Bookmarks such as:
BM52660 You are the heart of my Business!
BM52612 You’re somebody special!
BM52610 Thank you, I value your business.
BM52611 I appreciate your business.
BM22602 I love Hostesses like you!
BM52643 Thanks for Shopping with me!
BM62618 I would love to have you on my team!
You could even give them a more “Company Specific” type slogan such as “Crazy for Bling?” or “Do you love candles?” Scroll down below the idea for more!
B: Give them a Customers Like You Make My Day personalized magnet! (PSB5307) (Use the Business Card size sticker personalized with your information and mounted on a white magnet (M)

C: Reinforce that your appreciate them by putting stickers on their order forms. Keep them at your check out desk and make take a moment to stick the sticker on their receipt, and say, “I’m putting this here because I want you to remember that “You ARE the heart of my business” and I really appreciate you.” (PR50578A or B) (This would be a perfect time to also give her the bookmark.)

2) Sweetheart Deals! We discussed before about creating “Gift Ideas for Valentines” and calling them your “Sweetheart Deal” but let’s give it a different twist. Use these stickers to promote your special deals for February! Use the stickers on your invitations, in catalogs, etc. to draw attention to your deals of the month provided by your company! See the stickers below. PR94844 and PR94845!

3) Encourage “Sweetheart” sales! Use the “Sweetheart” erase board to encourage people to place orders! They get to put their name in a box for each $40 in orders, or if they book a show. When the board is full, you’ll draw the coordinates to find the winner! (SEE EB1126). Remind them to be a “Sweetheart Winner” by using the stickers on or in your catalogs! (PR94847)

5) Promote Recruiting and Sponsoring:
A: Let your customers know you are a TALENT SCOUT for your company. Wear the I Love What I Do You Can Too Button. (B64118) or “Do you have a friend that would love this business?” (B60617). Give those who might be interested a “Choose a job you love” BOOKMARK (BM60501)
B: Personalize the I Love What I Do Mini Printable Sticker (PSM6502 or PSM6502PR) and put it on every invitation! (This is a great way to get your “Recruiting” sticker along with your name and phone number on every invitation in a little bit of space!
C: You always need to include your name, and contact info on your catalogs. Use the “I Love what I Do” Address size label that WE PRINT with your info. They look so professional, are eye-catching and colorful and EASY! Just order item (PR60129-PR) and let us do the work for you! Just think, no more hand writing info on catalogs, or waiting for the ink to dry so the info doesn’t smear when you stamp them. EVERY catalog will have your info because it’s easy! (You REALLY save when you purchase them and take advantage of the QUANTITY pricing!)
D: Personalize the I Would Love to Have You on My Team Business Card Printable Sticker (PSB6309 or PSB6309PR) with your information and mount it on a WHITE MAGNET (M). Then give it to people you think would be great in the business!

Here’s how to present it:
After complimenting her and telling her WHY YOU think she would be great in your business, ask her if she has thought about it. Then, if she gives you the normal excuses say this: “I have a little gift for you! (Give her the magnet in a little cello bag along with a sample of your product, etc. and say) Please put this magnet on your fridge and every time you look at it I want you to remember that I think you would be wonderful in this business and “I would love to have you on my team”. I’ll be giving you a call to follow up, but if you have any questions, please feel free to call me.” How do you think she feels every time she looks at that magnet? By doing this you are building her confidence in herself and whether or not she joins your team, she will keep that magnet on her fridge forever and she will remember YOU! Follow up with the postcard. (PP60538C or PP60538CT)
E: Remember to put stickers in your catalogs that promote your business. You can use You’ll Love it” PR40450 to draw attention to the opportunity you offer or put it by specific products!

6) Motivate your team! This is a great time to recognize each member of your team to let them know how much you appreciate them. Give them a bookmark such as, “The Heart of Your Success is You!” (BM71414) “Have Fun Makin’ Money” (BM62644) or send them a “I really Appreciate You” Postcard (PP50650C) and use “The Heart of your success is you” (PR70569A, B or C) , or Put your heart into it (PR70570) stickers on your newsletters.  If you need a favor for your team meeting, the “Candy Bag Topper” with Bag is perfect (HC1038).  It comes with the slogan “Love what you do” to encourage your team to be a good example and then has the line “Live it, Love it Share it! There are other ways you can use it too.  These are perfect to give during February to everyone who comes to your party or just your Feb hosts..  Or, give them as a little gift when people are checking out when you think they would be interested in joining your team.

Go to our website to SEE all the products mentioned.  Here is the direct link to the T9-11 Love Month Category.

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