Use Green in March to Boost your business!

It’s all about using the GREEN theme in your business in March! We have fun new products using the shamrock, gold coins, rainbows and more. We have an “opportunity meeting” idea all ready to go!  (See T9-12: http://blog.thebooster.com/t9-12-your-golden-opportunity-recruit-gam

But let’s talk about the GREEN!  I know it seems early but you need to begin planning and advertising NOW!  March is just a few weeks away.  Order the products NOW so you are ready!

March is the “Lucky” month.  This is a great opportunity for you to emphasize the “Green”!   Green means MONEY!   Here are a few ideas to boost bookings, attendance, sales & recruit leads:

BOOST BOOKINGS: Use the “Why pay full price?   Free is twice as nice” stickers (S10411) on your invitations and catalogs to promote bookings.  Also see the NEW PR designs with shamrocks (Why pay full price PR91588A or B)  and money (Free shopping spree PR10587a or B!)


• BOOST ATTENDANCE: Use a “Lucky Number” stickers (PR30112) on your invitation.   It is a pre-printed printable sticker with the slogan   “A lucky winner you may be, come match # ____ to see!”

• They come 80 on a green mini border sheet with 80 different numbers. You may order these by the sheet for only $2.25/sheet already printed and ready to go! Just tell us how many sheets you want to order (up to 10 sheets) and the numbers will be different from sheet to sheet. (10 sheets would be 800 numbers!
• How many parties are you planning in March? Plan now to put these on every invitation to increase attendance! Order them below.

• Another variation to order the sticker with   “A lucky winner you may be, come match # ____ to see!” with a BLANK # place (PR30112B)  Fill in the blank on the sticker with numbers 1-6 or 1-12.   Then they roll the dice and if their number matches the dice they win!

• (Why would you want to use a “drawing or winner” type stickers on your invitations?     (Free Drawing bring this with you on shamrock PR93585 A or B) (Bring Friends for more chances to win PR93584 A or B)

• Because, they encourage your guest to DO SOMETHING with the invitation, or a least cause another thought process.   The more you can get them to THINK about your party, whether it is to put their invitation in their purse so they will have it with them to check the number or so they’ll invite a friend to receive a free gift, the greater the chances are they will remember and come.

• Or, at least they will remember WHERE they put the invitation and can check it for more information.   Be sure to have your hostesses remind them about the lucky numbers or drawings when they are making the phone calls.   It is a good idea to put whatever sticker you’ve used on your invitations on the “If you call them they will come” type reminder postcard with a little note “Please remind your guests of this!”)



• A:   Use the blank# stickers mentioned above (PR30112B) and have the customer fill in the number with the number of items they purchase.   Then when they are checking out they get to roll the dice.   If their number matches the qty of items purchased they win a prize!

• B:   Put the any sticker you like (Like Customer Favorite S40579 –Customer Favorite ) by a favorite product in your catalog.   Tell your customers that everyone who purchases a featured item in the month of March will get a chance to be the “Lucky Winner”.   Tell them that at the end of the month you will draw the name of one of those “Lucky Customers”.   The person who is drawn out will receive the purchase price of the featured item as a credit for an additional purchase.   (If this helps you to sell additional quantities of this item it is worth it to give one away!- You could qualify that for every 40 of the item sold there would be one winner- this way you would guarantee that you would have that many sales and they would know their odds of winning. ONE in FORTY!)

• Put the “Make Serious Money” (PR60586) or “Go for the Gold” (PR70581) stickers on your invitations and in your catalog.  Promote your “Opportunity Night” (see the meeting and game idea above) by using these stickers and the invitations.

• Put the “Could you use an extra $100 a week?” (S60260) on invitations and in your catalogs.   Draw attention to the GREEN (Wear the button B60611) and tell them that if they are looking for fun ways to earn money, you are there to help them.

• Put the “Be in Business for yourself not by yourself” pen pal sticker (PR60443PP — Business for self) on the pens your customers use at your parties.   They will read them over and over again!

• Give the “Want a payday everyday?” bookmark (BM62645) to guests at your parties.  Follow up with any of the Key 6 Recruit postcards to those who you think might want to know more about your business.

Print what you want!

• Use the GREEN BORDER STICKERS to print anything you want!   They come in MINI (PSM1504) ,  and circle (PSC1404)!

• Use the  Dream bucks and Bill bucks to draw attention to the financial benefits of joining your team.  See all the details under the product. (Click View) V6660 and V6661.

Start NOW to make the most of the “Green” season!   Order today!

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