A successful spring leads to Sizzlin’ Summer- Take the Steps to Success

Seven Steps to a Successful Spring

The choice is yours! If you want your spring (followed by Summer and Fall) to be successful then YOU have to take the steps necessary to make it happen. The government is not going to do it for you and it won’t happen if you just sit around waiting for things to change! YOU have to change, YOU have to go the extra mile, YOU may have to do more than you’ve ever done before but when you do, YOU, will have the success!

Success does come to those who are willing to keep on going and put themselves out there! If you are content to accept just what comes along, then you most likely won’t be the one walking across the stage at this year’s conferences.

There are people who got into their business that just want to take the cream off the top. They were willing to work the business as long as they didn’t (or don’t) have to work too hard. If the bookings were easy, they would do the parties. If the sales came, great! If they didn’t, it certainly isn’t their fault. They were willing to do just what was necessary to be able to say they were in business, even if it was just marginally profitable.

Then there are those who consistently work their businesses and though it may be harder now, they are still finding some success because they are still working! Maybe their parties aren’t as good as they once were, but isn’t 20% of something better than 20% of NOTHING?

Maybe you are not making quite as much per hour invested in doing parties as you were before, but isn’t something better than NOTHING?

Then there’s the question of how many people you are missing meetings because it just doesn’t seem worth it!

Well, if you’re ready to get excited for Spring and get yourself out of the doldrums and get to work (or you know of someone who is) then this training is for YOU! If you are already working hard, then this will just be a reminder and hopefully get you even more enthusiastic about your business!

To help you remember the Seven Steps for Successful Spring I’ve created an acronym for the word SUCCESS!

SSchedule your business into your life! Plan your work and work your plan! Without a plan the day controls you instead of you controlling your day. Schedule your time for your family, your business and yourself. To stay excited and happy you need to stay balanced!

UUpbeat Attitudes Attract Prosperity and Abundance! Read positive affirmations every day! Keep positive quotes and thoughts in front of you! Read good books! Listen to motivational speakers and music every day! Turn off the news! See what’s good around you- look for it. Play “I SPY” with yourself and look for the beauty around you! Surround yourself with positive, upbeat people and be one yourself so people will want to be around you!  Have a “Gratitude Attitude!”

C:  Cultivate Relationships with Hosts and Customers– keep them excited. Coach yourself, your team, and your hosts. CALL PEOPLE! Get on the phone and check up on your customers. See how you can serve them. Make courtesy calls. If people don’t have money to spend, at least you are making contacts and they’ll remember you when they do have the money.

CContinually be learning! If your business is stagnate, get new ideas. We post NEW IDEAS every WEEK that explain (in great detail) exactly what you can do to boost Bookings, Sales, Recruits, Attendance, and more!  Be sure to see the FREE TRAINING Category for links to T0- OVERALL Training too!  I’ll bet you’ll find things you’ve never heard of, or be reminded of things you were going to try but have forgotten.

EExtraordinary Events- Fairs, Open Houses, Sell to husbands in your Business District, Spring Flings, Holiday Heroes, Bunny Hops, Etc. Get out there where you can meet people! The more people you meet the more chances you’ll have to make sales! And if people don’t have money then they’ll be even more interested in getting FREE products or what your business can offer them! But, if you stay home, you’ll never meet them!

SSpontaneous encounters- Be ready for encounters at all times! At work, at play, while shopping ball games, etc. Have a bag you keep in your car with catalogs, business cards, samples, etc. so you can readily share! Be sure to have a notebook to write down THEIR information. Get out so you have a chance to meet people!

SSchool yourself to Follow Up and Follow Thru! Remember, “The Fortune’s in the Follow Up!” You NEVER KNOW what is waiting around the corner and you WILL NEVER KNOW if you don’t go around the corner to see!

Success is there for everyone who is willing to go after it! Rarely does success just come to you, especially if you’re not doing anything to attract it. You’ve heard the phrase “Find Success” right? Well, FIND is an ACTION word! If you want success, you have to go out and FIND IT! I challenge you to do so!

7 steps to Successful Spring FREE PDF
Get this PDF of the steps to a successful Spring!

Since this concept would be a great idea for a meeting or in your newsletter, here is the SUCCESS acronym as a PDF you can CLICK to download and print Seven_Steps_to_Successful_Spring.    Please, just be sure in include the copyright info.

I’ve also posted it in AUDIO form T9-14-7-Steps_Success_Spring  (It was recorded a few years ago but the information is more relevant than ever!) 

Please share this training with your team!  Send this link  http://blog.thebooster.com/t9-14-seven-steps-successful-spring  to your team so they can Look, Listen to the AUDIO Training and FREE 7 Steps to Successful Spring PDF!!

In this training category are a bunch of products to help you get excited for spring or that go along with this concept. Order a bookmark or two to give to your team members. They are great positive reminders by their computers, on the fridge, etc. Magnets and team cards can be used too! The Spring Stickers are fun to use on invitations and catalogs for an excited “Springy” feel. We have designs for booking, recruiting, boosting attendance and more!

Click this link to go to the T9-14- 7 Steps to Successful Spring Category to see all the products mentioned in this training.

Be sure to check out the 9301-Bunny Hop Catalog Party Idea and make the most of Easter!

Watch your sales soar as you help your customers shop for Mother's Day!
Watch your sales soar as you help your customers shop for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner too!  See the 9-15-PDF Promote Mother’s Day Category on our website! It includes training and products to help you promote Mother’s Day! 

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