Watch your sales soar as you help your customers shop for Mother's Day!
Watch your sales soar as you help your customers shop for Mother’s Day!

Watch your sales soar as you help your customers shop for Mother’s Day!

Yes, Mother’s Day is right around the corner and your customers are counting on YOU to remind them (and help them!) Just think how stress free they will be when you help them take care of their Mother’s Day gift needs! Below are 6 ways you can promote Mother’s day!

Promoting your products for Mother’s Day gifts is a great way to not only boost your sales, but offer great service to your customers. Mother’s Day is probably the next biggest gift giving season to Christmas. Even with this tough economy, people will still be buying gifts for mom. Why not help them get the perfect gift that will make her smile? So, let’s get started!

1: If you want to help “Others” find the right gift for their moms, you first need to know what the mom wants. Have “Moms” (actually EVERYONE) that come to a party fill out a “Wish List” (You can either use our wish list card PP40140CT or Customer Care Cards V4124). Then you can follow up with the people she’s given you permission to contact for various different holidays, including Mother’s Day! Or see our new DOUBLE SIDED Drawing Card with drawing info on the front and the Wish List on the Back! (PP10131CT)

2: FOLLOW UP once you know what she wants! Do it easily with our “Mother’s Day is Near” postcard (PP94286CT or PP94286C ). You just fill in a few things from her list and then follow up later. You may want to put the postcard in an envelope (See VENV-PP ) and put the “For Guys eyes only!” (S33419) on the outside of the envelope you are sending to the men to keep the secret. One card is blue- perhaps better for sending to guys. The flower background is perfect to send to daughters, mother’s for their daughters, etc. By sending the postcard you get them thinking so that when you follow up with the call, they are ready to buy! The postcards turn what would be a “Cold call” into a “Warm Call!”

As you make those calls to “SIGNIFICANT OTHERS” (especially the men) when he is finished shopping for his wife, suggest other gift ideas for other family members. For example, ask the husband if there are others who he needs to purchase Mothers’ Day Gifts for such as his mother, daughters, etc. Offer to gift wrap or deliver for FREE once an order reaches at a certain level.

3:  Encourage bookings so hosts can earn the Mother’s Day gifts they need!  You can mail postcards to previous hosts and guests offering them your services.

Use Get Mothers Day Gifts Free POSTCARD with JUST the Graphic (PP91289C) and a darling poem to remind her that booking a party would be a great way for HER to earn Mother’s Day Gifts, but you can print whatever want on the card, suggesting that you would like to help her get what SHE wants as well.  Invite her to give you a call.  Now, as you know, your previous hosts and guests usually need to purchase gifts for their own mothers so this is very appropriate.  Plus, once you get her on the phone, you can find out what she would like and then contact her significant other as mentioned above!  This way you’ll get lots of sales!

Use our new “Mother’s Day is Near, Gift List Free when you host with me  WITH TEXT Postcard (PP91289CT)  to send to previous host or customers to encourage them to book a party.  This card also has the poem and invites them to call you before you call them to receive an extra gift.  This of course, encourages her to call you, but also lets her know that you’ll be calling her so be sure to follow up!  Now, if she’s not interested in booking, perhaps you can still help her with her gift needs!  This helps your call to be a win-win proposition!

4:  Get started early promoting Mother’s Day gifts to your customers by putting stickers on your invitations and catalogs.   Plant the seeds of how your products will meet the needs of your customers.   We have a great selection of stickers!   Promote giving GIFT CARDS!

Plant the seeds of how your products will meet the needs of your customers. We have a great selection of stickers!

Use stickers like:
Enhance your romance! (SC43030)
Affordable Gifts for Mom! (S44440)
Men Love it to! (S45380)
Your Gift Solution (S44436A)
Gifts for all occasions (S44427)
Make your Mother’s Day’s Day perfect! (S94268)
Give a Gift Certificate to Someone Special (S44438)
See the “Affordable Gifts for Mom” (S44440)
Mother’s Day is near (S94270B).
Then check out the new “Mother’s day is near with the comment about  earning their GIFT List for FREE by hosting a show!  (S91641)It is so fun and springy!  Put it on the front of your all your catalogs!
And many more!

See the K-Mothers Day Pack! For 10 Sheets = 525 Stickers

HINT:  When you use stickers in your catalogs that are very holiday specific, but you may still use your catalogs AFTER that selling season is over, just cover the sticker with another one of the same size!  We have SO MANY to choose from that you’ll have a ball and your catalogs will constantly be changing!

5.       Boost your sales by contacting businesses!   

You know that most husbands would love it if someone were to come to their place of work and offer a great deal that comes all gift wrapped!   See below exactly how to make this idea put hundreds if not thousands of dollars in your pockets by not only reading but implementing this idea:   Call these “Holiday Heros” parties (S33476).  Use the stickers
“Gift for your gals” (S33420) and other Mother’s Day stickers on the front and in catalogs.

Here is an idea sent into us by Kim Livanec:

“At this time of the year, Mother’s Day, Valentines, etc. I target businesses where primarily men work.  Like Discount Tires, Repair/Garages, Hardware stores, etc. and I go in asking for the manager and tell him I want to offer the employees some Mother’s Day gift ideas if he/she will allow me to.

I present my product to him/her and ask when would be a good time that they could shop. I like to target pay-day and lunch break!  I schedule that time with the manager, leave a book and ask him/her if she would please let the guys know when I will be back so they can shop.  I offer the host program to the Manager, telling him/her they will get their Valentine or Mother’s Day gifts for free by letting me help the guys shop or just collecting the orders before I return.

When I return on the scheduled day, I help the guys pick out an item or sometimes I simply just total orders and collect money.  The person who I left in charge, gets full advantage of the host program and they usually invite me back for the next holiday, Christmas, Valentines, etc.  I find out the dates of the wives birthdays, as well as anniversaries when I get a chance to talk to them. If I get lots of orders at a particular business, I may return once a month in between holidays to bring donuts/kolaches.

It is simple, and guys love it because they hate to go shopping and I bring the store right to them, and I gift wrap their purchase as well and they never end up in the doghouse over missing a holiday gift!”

Decide to try this concept NOW! Just set a date with yourself to go make your contacts with the businesses and then go back for the “party.”    Be prepared to do it all at once, if the manager allows it!  Have a selection of catalogs in your car along with products.  Only take a few items in. I suggest you “wrap” a selection of products in 3 different price ranges. Tell them they can SAVE on SETS!   (S43262) You may want to offer something special for placing their order THAT DAY.   For example, you may offer free “gift wrapping” on anything ordered that day (or an additional gift, etc).   This may save you the time of having to come back several times.     Or have a selection of products copied onto a sheet for them to order from.   They may not want to go through your entire catalog.   Give them specific ideas, price ranges, etc.  Put “Gift under $??” stickers (S44448) by products in your catalog.

Offer to include a “Gift Card” with their purchase.  (see our BC Cards- BCD44451 or BCD44435)  You can print YOUR  info small on the back and they can write their To/from message on the front or back.  This way, the person receiving the gift knows who to contact if they want more!

Remember, as you finalize their order, to ask them WHO ELSE they need to purchase gifts for (their own mother, daughters, etc) and offer to take care of ALL their gift needs at once.

6- Make Mother’s Day week special by offering a little gift to every guest at your parties!

Our bookmarks or little candy bar wrapper Purses are great!    See HC63017 — “Love” Purse Candy Bar wrapper or HC62906 — “Opportunity” Purse Candy Bar wrapper.  Many designs of our Bookmarks are perfect for Mother’s Day.  I’ve included some in this idea, but others are shown under BOOKMARKS.  (Home>Shop ALL Products>Other Products>BM-Bookmarks)  They can be used other times too to show appreciation, so stock up now!   Include your contact information easily on the back of each bookmark by printing your information on the “Heart says yes” PRINTABLE STICKERS! (S10517SS-PS)!   It is easy and you are planting seeds for booking at the same time!

Decide NOW to TAKE ACTION and make the most of every opportunity!   Order NOW, put your plan into action and watch your sales soar!   Prepare to make Mother’s Day special for your hosts and customers.   When you make the little extra effort to build relationships, you will see the loyalty from your customers increase and your sales soar!

To find this Training on our website go to Home>FREE Training>T9-Seasonal>T9-15 — Mother’s Day.  It will take you to the CATEGORY to see ALL the products mentioned in this training.

You may purchase the PDF training with GRAPHICS that you can download on our website.

9-15-PDF — Promote Mothers Day IDEAS

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