Here is a fun idea to get more contacts, bookings & sales during any period in the Month of MAY!

We came up with this idea a few years ago and it was a BIG HIT!  It all started with the idea of doing a MAY GIVEAWAY!  We thought it would be fun to give something during specific dates (or even every day) in May.  We also thought it would be a great way to encourage our customers and friends to go to BOTH our website and register as a customer and go to our Facebook FAN page and click to “Like It!” and then make a comment in any of the posts or post your own comment.

See the post on our Website for what we are giving away in May!

Then I got to thinking,  we try to offer YOU similar things to what big business does but at an AFFORDABLE price, so I thought, “Wouldn’t YOU want a way to encourage people to visit YOUR website or Facebook page?”  But of course, we BOTH want to encourage ORDERS too!  We both know the way to have that happen is to show your products to MORE people!  This is how you share with them the benefits of using your products and the easiest way to do that is to have MORE parties and get MORE people to your parties.  This leads to creating interest and we all know people like to WIN things.  The incentives will be changing every Week in MAY, so be sure to check it out.


Now start promoting YOUR OWN GiveAway May!

1) GiveAway May Erase Board (EB94561)– You can use this any way you want.  It has 100 boxes in the grid.  You can even have TWO boards: one board for ORDERS and one for CONTACTS so when people come to the party, they earn a chance to win!  Then when they place an order they get more chances to win.  (You can make the boxes be any value you want, for example each $40 of their order they get to choose a box.)  (This board also comes with a PDF download for you to keep track of their complete name and contact info.)    When using the board(s) you’ll have at least 1 winner for every 100 people entered.   You can of course have more if you want.  When using TWO boards have for those who purchase (the prize would be bigger) and the other for those who come.  This way they get more chances to win.
Now that we have a simple way to do your “GiveAways” we need a way to promote them don’t we?

So, here are a variety of stickers:  (Hint:  When using time specific or seasonal stickers in your catalogs, etc. and the time or season is past, just cover those stickers up with a different sticker of the same size!  Easy and effective!)

S94561- Ask me about GiveAway May!  Put this on anything and everything.  Put it on your folders, your catalogs, etc.  You want to create interest and excitement.  By using the stickers they’ll be reminded over and over again.

S94562-  Sign up each day to play GiveAway May!  This is for those of you who want people to go to your website, blog, or facebook page every day.  You don’t necessarily have to give something away every day but they increase their chances to win the more times they visit your sites.  I suggest you print out a quarter page sheet with your contact info on it and use this sticker at the top.  Then give this to everyone who comes to your party so they’ll have the contact info.  Or, for that matter, you can print your info on one of our background postcards and mail them to previous customers.  Or, if they get to take their catalog home with them, put this sticker by your contact info (website, facebook, etc.) and invite them to visit your page every day in May!  Instruct them to POST or LIKE on facebook to have a chance to win (like we discussed above in The Booster promotion.)

S93547- Come to play GiveAway May!  Use this sticker on your invitations to create enthusiasm about coming to your event and your products.  This will create curiosity and encourage them to come to your parties or shows to see what it’s all about!

S94564-  Sign up to play GiveAway May!   This sticker is intended to help you get CUSTOMER INFO.  Encourage everyone at your party to fill out your customer care card for their chance to win.  (Of course, you’ll remind them that if they order they get another chance to win.)  You can also use this if you are doing any fairs or boutiques in May!  This can be used similarly to S93547 to encourage people to come to your website or facebook page too.  If you only want them to come to your page or website ONCE then this is the sticker to use.  Again, you can print a 1/4 page with your info and use this sticker to give it color and draw attention.  (See PR94862 for more details)

S94565- Order today to play GiveAway May!  Of course you’ll want to put this on your catalogs and folders to encourage people to order AT THE PARTY so they can have their chance to win.  Whether or not you allow them to order later and still get to put their name on a square on the board is up to you – or you may be using TWO boards.  Another way to encourage orders AT THE PARTY is to tell them for each $40 AT the party they order they’ll get one square.  If they come up to you later and are not ready to order but still want their square you’ll say, “That’s fine, but the bonus for ordering HERE is a square for each $40 of your order, but you can still be involved in GiveAway May because when you order later but before the close date I’ll put your name in a box for every FIFTY DOLLARS of your order.  This makes it to their advantage (and yours and the hosts) to place the order right then but they’ll still get to play if they want to order later.

PP93547C or PP93547CT – GiveAway May Postcard Invitations!  Use these as your invitations to MAY parties.  They’ll be excited for a chance to WIN!  The postcard has a cute poem and room to fill in the type of party, date, time, place, host name, & RSVP number.  There is still room for an additional sticker or note.  This is an easy fun invitation!  If you want to print your own information see PP93547C which just has the graphic on in.  Or, if you want US to print YOUR INFORMATION on the card, please see PP93547CTPR  or PP93547CPR and fill in what you want.  We can either print everything if you know your host info, or we can at least print the type of party and include your contact info.  You just need to let us know.

All these ideas are fun ways to engage your customers in your business.  They create some urgency and excitement.  Hosts will want to BOOK in May so their friends can be part of the extra incentives.  You may want to give 3 squares on your board for bookings!  This is YOUR business and this Give Away May concept can be adjusted to be anything you want it to be.  For those of you who do more direct sales, not parties, you can still encourage visits to your Facebook Page, orders, etc.  It is totally up to you in how you promote it, we just give you the tools all ready to go so you can start immediately!

Once you’ve read this idea click HERE to go to the website for all the products:

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  1. It is so easy to promote my Celebrating Home Business with the
    beautiful stickers from Jenny B.

    I use them at the parties, mail outs, offering the business Opportunity, fundraisers, and share at the team meetings.

    Thank you Jenny!


  2. Jenny and the gang,

    Thank you for this promotion. I am loving all this new stuff, the website the radio show and the May Give away.

    Please besure that I will be posting the infor about the Radios Show and the May Giveaway on the Facebook sites that I belong too with my Unit and Epicure Consultants.

    I really like the stickers they look nice ib my invites and in my catalogs. I only use the Hostess folders that are sold by THE BOOSTER because they look cool and people like them!!! Thank you for all your help!!!


    • Thanks Rob! I appreciate all your help! Jenny B


  3. I love all of your products. I put stickers on catalogs,invites, thank you on the order forms, and any notes or mailings I send out. I also love all the training ideas and tips. Thank you for all the wonderful products and ideas.


    • You are so welcome Donna! We love helping you succeed! Feel free to share your success stories!


  4. I have been using stickers from the booster for 3 years now. I love the fun & eye catching stickers to promote my business.
    It’s a fun and easy way to plant seeds in your business.
    Thanks Jenny B 🙂


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