Follow up using Customer Care Cards
Follow up using Customer Care Cards

Benefits of Using Customer Care Cards

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1.  You’ll collect vital and complete contact info from every guest that attends your parties, even those who do not place orders.

2. These cards are affordable yet more professional looking than trying to make something at home.

  • A. They are printed on colored cardstock.
  • B. They are perforated so your customers can fill in the blanks, rip off their Preferred Customer Card and you can file the 4 X 6 card in a standard file box.
  • C. Additional blank 4 X 6 cards can be stapled to the back so you can make additional notes (i.e. new baby, moving, remodeled, new job, etc.) each time you talk to that customer.  Having those notes helps you have a more personal relationship with your customer, which will keep them coming back to you.
  • D. The small blank square up in the right corner can be ripped off on the perforations and used to just put their name and entered as a door prize drawing slip at your parties. (This way the keep the card to fill it out.)

3. The questions on the card go beyond the normal “would you like to have a party” questions.  They’ll get your customers thinking about the reasons they may want to book a party or here more about your opportunity.  They can mark their INTEREST level which helps you to know who to follow up with for what service.

It even asks the question:  If our host were to become a consultant would you have a party for her?  Then if people say YES, you can show your host that if she joined your team she already had bookings!

4. These cards get your customers to make their “wish lists.”  Then, they give you the names and info of 2 other people you can contact not only to buy special occasion gifts for your customer, but to buy things for themselves or gifts for others.  Also, each time you have a new sale or catalog, you can scan your customer’s wish lists for items that are on special and call them to generate additional sales.

5. You have a place you CAN keep track of how many squares that customer has marked off on their Preferred Customer Card.  This gives you another reason to call that customer.  You can offer them double squares or specials to get their card filled before the expiration date.

6. When a customer calls you, it is so fast and convenient to just pull out their card rather than wait to turn on your computer to get their info.  This helps you to sound more knowledgeable about your customers interests because you can quickly scan your notes.

7. You are reminded to call your customers when you see the file box sitting on your desk.

8. You have their birthday and anniversary info so you can offer them specials during that month, therefore generating additional sales for you.

9. If you already have a customer list on your computer, you can easily adapt to using these Customer Care Cards.  Just print labels from your existing list and stick the labels where the name information fits on the card.  Then, you’ll have an excuse to call them.  You can explain that you’re starting a new program and you’d like to update their information, see if they have a wish list, or see if you can help them with anything.    You can tell them you’ll send them their PC card, you could even mark off their most recent purchase to get them going, or offer them double boxes if they ordered then.

10. The card has a place for you to circle the C, H, or R.  This lets you quickly know if they are a Customer, have been a Hostess or whether you have already talked to them about your opportunity. (Recruit lead.)

11. To help you to keep straight where you met her, the card has a place for you to write the original hostess’s name where you met this customer.

12. There is room on the front of the card for you to write an impression or comment about that customer.  This will help you remember them better when you make those follow up calls.  Take a few minutes to jot something down on each card when you get out to your car, or when you get home.  Do it while the party, people, faces and comments made are still fresh in your mind.  Those few minutes will pay off immensely as you begin to build relationships with your customers.

13. Having a customer list you can easily contact helps you to follow up with your customers.  They will see you as a professional who is taking care of business, while having fun and making friends.  This will help her to feel more comfortable in doing business with you.

14. We call it the “Customer Care Card” and if you refer to it as that, it will imply to your customers that you care about them and want to build a relationship with them.  This will build loyalty and friendships that will impact your business for years to come.

15.  Easily get bookings by drawing attention to this question: “If our host became a consultant would you help her by hosting an event?  ___Y  ___N”  Then after the party, flip through the cards.  If people have marked YES then say to her, “You know, if you were to join my team you already have your first parties booked because these friends put down that they would be willing to help you get started.  Would you like to give it a try?”

Instructions for the Customer Care Cards

The Customer Care Cards include a Preferred Customer Card on the side.  It is perforated so that your customers can take home their Preferred Customer Card and you can take home the portion with their personal information.  The back side of the info card is a “wish list” questionnaire.  It asks which items your customers would like to receive, for which holidays, and who they would like you to contact to fill their wish list.  The card also has a little blank section at the top, which can be ripped off and used as a door prize drawing slip so you can do a drawing whenever you want to during the party, yet customers can continue to fill in their wish lists, etc.  Be sure to get their filled out “care card” as they are placing their order or as they leave the party (even if they don’t place an order at that time.)

BEFORE the PARTY:  The care cards come 2 up on a sheet, but they are perforated down the middle.  CAREFULLY split the cards on the center perf  so they are ready to put into your folders or hand out.
At your parties, pass the cards out to every person. (Or include it in their guest folders.)  During your demonstration walk them through the card.  Begin by showing them the Preferred Customer Card portion, being very excited about your club.  Ask them to write their name on the front of the card, then turn it over.  From there step them through filling out the back.  This will save you from doing it at home before the party. 

You might say the following:
“The first line says redeem only with ___ Me!  Please fill in my name (your name) and my phone number which is 888-888-8888,
and you know I’m with ________ company.  If you ever need anything or any gift ideas, you’ll have my name and number, please call me. 

On the line that says each square represents, please write $20 (or whatever amount you choose.)  This means for each $20 you spend  I’ll mark off a box. 

When your card is all filled, you can redeem it for _____!  The card expires 1 year from today, so please write ____.   Once you’ve filled your reward and the expiration date on your card, please also put it on my portion of the Customer Care Card so I will know what you are working toward”

Tell them you will mark off the squares on their Preferred Customer Card and tear it off and give it to them when you take their order at the end of the party. 

To get them more excited and spending a little more at the party say, “To get you started with your card, for each $20 you spend tonight I will mark off DOUBLE boxes. That means when you spend $60 tonight, I’ll mark off SIX boxes!”

Continue walking them through the front of the card asking them to fill in their personal information so you can be of better service to them.  Mention you’ll be sending e-mails and mailings and to mark YES if they would like to receive them.

Then, have them turn over the card and explain your wish list program and how you realize they may not be able to get everything they want all at once, which is why you have a wish list.  They can fill out the contact information of who they would like you to contact or if they just want to fill it out so they would remember what they wanted for future orders tell them that is fine.   Let them know that you will use this information to help them get the items they need and keep them informed about specials.  Set their mind at rest by informing  them of your privacy policy, that you wouldn’t ever give their information to someone else.

To make it easy to use the information you’ve collected and stay in touch with your customers, here are some suggestions based on whether or not you have a computer.  First, we will talk about how to keep track of the information from the cards.  Then, we will address how to follow up.

If you have a computer:

1. Set up a spreadsheet using a program like MS Excel or Quatro Pro.  Include columns for customer number, first name, last name, phone #, address, city, state, zip, email address, permission to email (Y or N), birthday, anniversary, if they have a wish list, and 3 columns for if they were a customer, hostess, or recruit lead.  Also, include columns for preferred customer, if they’d like to be mailed to, and the date they got on your mailing list (so you can purge if they are old and have never ordered.)  (Save your spreadsheet and always keep a backup on a separate disk.)

2. After each party take the new Customer Contact Cards and give them a customer number beginning where you ended your last party.  (For example, your first party has 10 customers.  Assign them customer numbers 1-10.  Then, after your second party start with customer number 11.)  The card has a place for you to circle the C, H, or R.  This lets you quickly know if they are a customer, have been a hostess or whether you have already talked to them about your opportunity.  You can update this as you work with your customers.

3. Enter the information under the appropriate columns on your computer spreadsheet.  There is a little box next to the customer number.  This is for you to mark off once you’ve entered their information into your computer.

4. File the Customer Care Cards in a file box by LAST NAME so it is easy to find them when they call you. (Sort them first by letter using the letter in the square- then alphabetize.)

5. Each month to prepare to send any postcards or flyers to customers, here are the steps you will take:

  • A) Open the spreadsheet with your customer info.
  • B) Sort the data according to the mailing in mind.  For example, if you are sending birthday postcards to those who will have a birthday in October (you would want to do this in September), sort by the birthday column.  Then, COPY the lines for the customers whose b-days are in October and PASTE them into a separate worksheet.  Now, sort these names alphabetically by last or first name, and print out a call list which you will use to follow up in a few days or as you have time during that month.
  • C) Create mailing labels by opening your word processing program (such as MS Word or Word Perfect.)  Do a mail merge to bring in the name, address, etc. onto a label template.  Print them on Printable Stickers.  (Instructions on how to merge onto our printable stickers is on our website under PRINTABLE STICKERS.  Or, use the help feature on your computer and look up Mail Merge.)
  • D) Now you want to create your postcards.  Use our  “Happy Birthday” (PP40545G) Perforated Printable Postcards.  (You can download the templates from our website.)  Type your message in the first card.  Then, copy and paste it onto the other 3 cards on the page.  For example, your postcard could say “Dear ___ (leave room to hand write their first name).  I’m so excited for your upcoming birthday.  I hope you have a wonderful day.  As my gift to you, place an order during your birthday month, and receive 10% off.  Please contact me at 888-888-8888 or  I look forward to helping you celebrate.  Sincerely, ____ (Leave room to hand sign each card.  This adds a personal touch.)
  • E) Stick the labels on the front of the card.  Stick a “You’re somebody special” (S50533) sticker on the front by their name.  To plant a recruiting seed, use the mini “I love what I do” (PSM6502) Printable Stickers as your return address label.  Stamp and mail.
  • F) FOLLOW UP WITH A PHONE CALL!  You may want to pull the actual cards while making phone calls so you can make notes of your conversation which you can refer to next time.  (See our website for more tips to make follow-up phone calls easier and more effective.)

6. Follow these steps whether you are sending keeping in touch postcards, flyers, etc.
7. See our website under Customer Care Cards for an Excel spreadsheet you can download and more details.

If you DO NOT have a computer:

1. Get some spiral notebooks.  Label the front of each for birthdays, and anniversaries.  In each notebook tab the first page with a January tab.  Skip a few pages and tab February, etc.  (You could also use a 3-ring binder and buy dividers so you can add more pages for each month as needed.)

2. After each party take the new Customer Care Cards and look at the birthday, flip to that tab in your birthday notebook, and write the customer’s first and last name and their birth date.  Do this for each customer and repeat the process in the anniversary book.

3. File your cards alphabetically.  (DO NOT assign customer #s until you get a computer.)  We’ve provided a box in the upper left corner for the first letter of the last name to make filing easy.

4.  Each month open your birthday notebook to the appropriate month, and pull those cards from your file.  Then, prepare your postcards as mentioned above, except rather than typing the message, hand write it on a blank paper and photocopy it onto the perforated postcards.

5. After mailing your postcards, keep those Customer Care Cards in the front of your file box so as you have time to make follow up calls, or customers call you back, you can look through those cards and make notes.

See these BLOG POSTS training for more info on how to actually implement these systems into your business so you can FOLLOW up and build relationships with your customers. 

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