April Actions = May Success
Start NOW to do the little things that make a BIG difference

I’m starting something new on the Blog.  I’ve decided I will highlight the sales for the week.  This is basically the same information that will be sent in the email.  Here are the specials for this week.  You’ll save 25% or more on the products shown in these categories.

April Actions = May Success!

Key 3- Attract Greater Attendance!  Yes, these little 2 cent stickers DO make a difference and help you BOOST your attendance and thereby your sales!  See the BLOG post under KEY 3.  It will give you LOTS of different ideas.  The link at the bottom of the blog post will take you to the categories on the website.  ALL Key 3 products are on sale this week.


T4-03 or 6001-PI- Birthdays!  This idea is all about Birthdays.  As usual we take a basic concept and relate it to ALL the key areas of your business.  Read the training for ways to use Birthdays to help you get sales, bookings, and meet new people.  I bet we have some ideas you’ve never thought of before.  Then, remember, we’ve done all the work for you in creating the products to make it quick and easy to begin implementing the ideas immediately.


5001-PI Mystery Hostess Party — You’ve all heard about having open houses, and spring is such a great time to have one and introduce your customers to your new products (and possibly close out old ones).  But it is also a good idea to get your business going so you’ll have a successful summer.  Again, we give you all kinds of ideas and products to help you expand all the Key areas of your business with your Mystery Hostess Party… not just sales.  Check it out, we even have an invitation you can download.


NEW!  Post It Notes!  You will LOVE them!  We’ve got some for almost every key area of your business!  We have slogans to plant booking & recruiting seeds with every note you write.  Of course we have the “Thank You” along with motivational and recognition slogans. (These make great gifts for ANYONE!)  We also have something new … a post it to put on the front of catalogs that you give to people you meet so they can give you back their info so you can contact them.  It has the graphic “I’m so excited to work with you” and places for them to fill in their information.  This makes it SO EASY to get THEIR information!  All post it’s are only 59 cents per pad this week!


Dollar Deals: Yes, we have 15 dollar deals this week!  These are some of our top selling designs.  Stock up while you can!


Jenny B Radio Show: Booster your Business!  Discover the Keys to your Success!  The show is broadcast LIVE each Monday at 2:00 Pacific, 3:00 Mtn, 4:00 Central or 5:00 Eastern.  It is rebroadcast 12 hours later for our international friends.  You may then download the FREE PODCAST in mp3 format and listen over and over again.  There are specials within the first 48 hours on products we highlight on the show.  Please SHARE about the show with your friends.  You may download the FREE VoiceAmerica APP and listen on your smart phone too!


Here’s the details on this week’s show: 

Episode #2

Date: April 23, 2012

Episode Title:  Prepare for Booking Success both Mentally & Physically

Episode Description:

What is the first step in getting bookings?  Is it to be mentally prepared or physically prepared?
In this show we’ll share concepts on how to do both!
We will discuss what to put in a host packet to help your host be prepared a successful event.  Some of these concepts will help her to create her wish list, goals, guest list and the KISS concept of an effective host plan.
To be mentally prepared you’ll want to hear how Jenny’s guest, Dana Wilde from the Mind Aware and Train Your Brain programs, suggests you prepare yourself.  Dana will share insights of how your attitude and personal readiness will help you keep your datebook full and have greater overall success in your business.
Idea of the Week Spotlight: How to use the Mystery Hostess concept to boost every key area of your business.
The plan is that you’ll be encouraged to Make A Difference, not only for yourself, and not only in your business, but in every facet of your life … mentally, physically and financially!

Guest Bio Information: 

Dana Wilde is a Brain Trainer, Speaker, and Home Party Plan Authority for Network Marketing Entrepreneurs Who Want to Create Unstoppable Businesses Without Becoming Workaholics.  She is the founder of The Mind Aware Teleseminar  Series and the creator of Train Your Brain. She’s known for taking her direct sales team to the million dollar mark in only 19 months!

Dana teaches that when we know the mind is our strongest tool, we can build a successful business quickly so then everything we ask for comes by our own design.

Dana will discuss some of her Top Success Tips including … Anyone who has the desire to be successful can attain success by simply taking one small step and then the next step.

Dana espouses that personal success can be achieved in a highly competitive market through vision, persistence, and a bit of blind ambition.

Sale ends Friday, April 27th at Midnight!  There are over 200 items on sale this week so enjoy!

Remember, YOUR SUCCESS is our goal.  That’s what we’re all about!  We provide the little things that DO make a BIG difference.  We love hearing YOUR success stories! — Jenny B

Shirley Smith now has a Company Specific Link on our website where we show some products we’ve developed especially for her in her Princess House Business.  Here is the direct link to that category:

Shirley also recorded a testimonial.  Here it is:Testimonial-Shirley-Smith-4-12-12

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