Hi, I'm Jenny B, Welcome to The Booster
Hi, I'm Jenny B, Welcome to The Booster

Hello!  I’d like to welcome you to the official BLOG for “The Booster – Jenny B”

This year (2011) we are celebrating 30 years of helping people like you, who are in the Party Plan or Direct Sales Professions to Boost Your Businesses!  We have helped over ONE MILLION consultants and the most common testimonial we receive is,  “I am absolutely AMAZED what a 2¢ sticker can do for my business!”

As I post different training in this blog I’ll be referring to a few of the HUNDREDS of testimonials from our customers.  There are lots of them on our new website and you are more than welcome to add YOURS to the list.  We all LOVE hearing YOUR success stories.

Now, please let me take just a minute and tell you what The Booster is all about. 
During our 30 years in business we have developed over 2000 products which are “The “little things” that make a BIG difference to your business!”

My business concepts come from my grandfather who during the depression years had a nanny, gardener, housekeeper and whoever else he could hire to give people jobs. You see, he said, “Sales is King!” in that those in sales are really what makes the economy go around. He, who had come to America before WW1 with only a few dollars in his pocket eventually became a salesman and developed one of the top vacuum cleaner sales organizations in the United States.

He built that business based on two principles:
1. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care about them.
2. Sell the sizzle not the steak! (Which means to share with your customers WHY they need your products and how they will impact their lives.

In 1981, after being top sales in the state of Utah in a party plan company I had joined, I had an opportunity and filled a need to offer products to those in the party plan/direct sales industry that make it easy to apply my grandfathers’ principles. These products have proven to help hundreds of thousands of our customers to Boost their Businesses

The Booster offers stickers, postcards, buttons and more that are developed especially for you. We offer products to help you do the things the “BIG” companies do, yet personalize them for your small company (within your big company.)

In 1996 we divided our products into the “Key Areas of your Business” to help you to focus and be more successful in each of those areas. As you browse through our website and this blog you will find the products and training are divided by those keys. We call them the “Keys to Success!”  See if this doesn’t sound like what you want to have happen in your business (in a nutshell):

Key 1: Get Bookings Booming
Key 2: Have Happy Hosts
Key 3: Attract Greater Attendance
Key 4: Get Sales Soaring
Key 5: Have Committed Customers
Key 6: Have Raving Recruits
Key 7: Motivate & Inspire
Key 8: Recognize & Reward
Key 9: Have Seasonal Success!

In 1999 we started our “Key Pack Club” which has been a HUGE success in helping people build their businesses.
Then, in order to help you apply each of those keys to EVERY party/show we developed the “10 Steps to Successful Parties System.” This system helps you to intergrade each KEY into every party or show to become as successful as you can be.  Our “Success System Dividers” V1003 offer this training and help you get organized.

And, YES, we offer you products to purchase to implement the ideas we teach. It is so much more effective to spend a few pennies to encourage people to attend your parties than the cost of only a few attending. We offer the TOOLS you can use to build your business. If you were trying to build a house, would you want to do it without hammer and nails? Would you rather use a hand screw driver or an electric one? Booster products make that kind of an impact that power tools make to the carpenter! Read some of the testimonials and reviews of products on our website. 

Our website link is http://www.TheBooster.com  Click on any of the products in the CATEGORIES in the left column to view products.  Click the different categories HERE in the BLOG for simple training about using stickers on your invitations to boost your attendance, bookings and recruit leads!  Each of our Blogs link to CATEGORIES of products on our website to make it easy for you to apply the principles we teach.

We keep our prices so affordable you can’t afford to NOT use our products!

So, welcome to The Booster! Please, check back often for all kinds of training to Boost your Business.  Soon there will be Audios and Videos to go along with many of the posts.  With this training you will learn how to use these tools to build a thriving business. Bowrse through the products and think about how they can impact your business.

Sincerely, Jenny B


  1. Jenny, How do I become a member of your blog to get the updates? Do I use my Booster login info? I love the blog–so much great information and I love the stickers. I just need to use them more often!! I haven’t been doing parties lately since I went through a knee replacement, but I know what to do if I start those again.

    Thank you! Norma


    • Hi Norma, thanks for your comments. I’m not sure HOW to get the updates. I will find out and let you know! One more thing I need to learn! 🙂 JB

  2. Alida

    Jenni… I am not sure if this is the place to leave this question, but I just ordered your preferred customer and host cards and love them… I want to use them to reward my customers for placing online orders, referrals and other things that I won’t actually see them for. The first time I plan on mailing them the card to them with a thank you, but after they already have the card, how do I credit them the “circle” I have “thought” about making a fold over note card that thanked them and included a sticker they could place on their card. Then each time they earned one I would send a sticker to add to the card. I decided to try yours so I did not spend tons of time designing it! What is your thought on how I could do this?


    • Hi Alida, This is a great question. I’ve had people ask and have answered verbally but I’m not sure I’ve put it in writing. Here is what I suggest:

      Come up with a “CODE” for each month of the year. Use initials or numbers that mean something to you. For example, if your mom’s birthday is in January, use her initials. If your anniversary is in Feb, use the number of how many years you’ve been married, etc. Once you have the code for the year, write it on a card that you keep on your desk with your Customer Care Cards, and another in your datebook, or order clipboard for easy reference while at parties.

      When you mark the circles or boxes on the Preferred Customers cards at a party, or over the phone, use that code. When they are placing an outside order say somthing like, “Do you have your Preferred Customer Card Handy? Great, this order qualifies you to mark off TWO circles. Please put the initials “AB” and 1/11 on those circles. Remember, I am here to help you with your gift giving needs so call me when you need something and we’ll be able to mark off more circles. You’ll have your card filled in no time and you’ll earn _______”

      In reality, this is just to keep your customers “honest” (not that you think they will cheat) but just to let them know that you are using a different code each month so they wouldn’t even try to cheat. Also, when they turn in the card to you, the codes will be familiar even if you’ve forgotten specific orders they placed.

      I hope this helps. If you have more questions, please just ask. The blog is a great place to ask. I’m going to transfer this question to the post about using preferred customer cards too! Thanks, Jenny B


  3. Jenny, I bought your Mind Aware package and have the products, but didn’t get to be a part of the Success 7 training. I had had a knee replacement on May 20th and wasn’t in any frame of mind to do anything other to work on getting back on my feet. Is there any way to access that training now?

    Thank you, Norma Rose


    • Hi Norma. I’m glad you are doing better. We are going to be starting a new Success Camp in the next couple of weeks. I’ll add you to the list so you can be part of that group. Is that OK?


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